Author: Rony Mattar

Self driving trucks??

A new company called Otto is planning to build self-driving systems for long haul trucks. The company is founded by a highly professional experts including former members of Google’s car team. As we all know, every year thousands of people die in truck accidents, so the company has a very tough challenge of producing a safer self-driving truck than the human driven ones. Otto started out with tools to help truck drivers perform their job with increased safety, but now it is working on technology that, in time, can automate parts of the drive on highways. The company said it has already completed one public...

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Mercury’s Transit Today!
What does that mean?

Here are some facts about Mercury’s Transit: A transit is the passage of a planet across the Sun’s bright disk and they are very rare astronomical events. During the transit, the planet can be seen as a small black disk slowly moving in front of the Sun. The orbits of Mercury and Venus lie inside Earth’s orbit, so they are the only planets which can pass between Earth and Sun to produce a transit. In the case of Mercury, there are on average thirteen transits each century. A transit of Mercury occurs only if the planet is in inferior conjunction with the Sun (between...

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Pregnant T-Rex found that lived 68 million years ago

Scientists found a pregnant T-Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex), and this can help with the study of the evolution of egg-laying as well as on gender differences in the dinosaur. The remains could also contain the DNA of all dinosaur fossils. The fossil was discovered long back in 2005, but just now, experts came to know that the T.Rex was a mother-to-be when it took its last breath. This new finding is expected to be a breakthrough in the field of paleontology as most of the times; experts fail to determine the exact gender of dinosaurs. The team from North Carolina State University and the...

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